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The Local - 12 jul 19 kl. 16:13

Sweden declines to sign UN nuclear ban treaty

Sweden will not sign a UN treaty calling for the ban of nuclear weapons, foreign minister Margot Wallström said on Friday..
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The Local - 28 apr 11 kl. 07:36

Putin offers Sweden 'world best' nuclear tech

During a visit to Stockholm on Wednesday, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin offered to enhance Sweden's nuclear safety with Russian technology, which he described as the safest in the world..

The Local - 19 sep 13 kl. 17:01

Man finds Jesus fish in Sweden: a sign from God

Fish factory workers in Sweden got a shock when a salmon was discovered on the assembly line with a clear sign of the cross on its belly, prompting workers to hail what has been dubbed the "Jesus Fish".

The Local - 06 dec 12 kl. 15:51

Sweden shuts down nuclear plant reactor

A reactor at a Swedish nuclear power plant was forced to shut down on Thursday after officials found the plant had failed to meet stated safety requirements..

The Local - 25 okt 17 kl. 08:42

Almost nine in ten Swedes in favour of UN nuclear bomb ban

Almost nine in ten Swedes want Sweden to sign a United Nations resolution banning nuclear weapons, according to a new survey..

The Local - 24 jun 15 kl. 07:59

Huge nuclear reactor set to close in Sweden

One of Sweden’s biggest nuclear reactors, Oskarshamn 2 looks set to close in the next few years, the German energy group which runs it has announced..

Biotech Sweden - 17 sep 12 kl. 11:20

Välkommen till Life Science Sweden!

Biotech Sweden växer och blir Life Science Sweden. Här berättar chefredaktör Ingrid Heath om den nya tidningen..

Biotech Sweden - 07 maj 12 kl. 11:30

Osäker framtid när Invest Sweden läggs ner

Regeringens förslag om att Invest Sweden ska slås ihop med Exportrådet möts med oro. Frågan är hur främjandet av investeringar inom life science-branschen kommer att fungera i framtiden..

Computer Sweden - 15 jun 12 kl. 14:30

Visiting Sweden? Choose a cheap prepaid mobile data plan

Fed up with outrageous roaming bills after your vacation abroad? If you?re visiting Sweden, you can save thousands by switching to a Swedish prepaid mobile data plan.

Computer Sweden - 21 jan 13 kl. 13:53

Grattis, Computer Sweden - 30 år i dag!

Den 21 januari 1983 lämnade första numret av Computer Sweden pressarna. Läs premiärnumret här..

Computer Sweden - 27 mar 13 kl. 11:00

Computer Sweden får ny app för Iphone och Android

Lagom till påsk har vi lanserat nya appar för Iphone och Android som gör det lättare att hålla koll på det senaste från Computer Sweden..

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The Local - 10 timmar sedan

Everything you need to know about buying and selling secondhand in Sweden

There are plenty of reasons to buy and sell secondhand in Sweden: it can save or earn you money in an expensive country, and it's more sustainable than always buying new. Here's what you need to know if you want to get in on the trend, from tax rules to the best apps for sellers and shoppers..

The Local - 14 timmar sedan

Volvo recalls 86,000 cars in Sweden

Volvo has issued a recall notice for around half a million cars worldwide, of which 86,000 are in Sweden..

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Readers reveal: What it's like raising an international family in Sweden

From playgrounds to healthcare, these are the best things about raising a family in Sweden, plus some areas for improvement, from those who know a thing or two about it..

The Local - Igår: 11:06

Trump calls Swedish PM to 'vouch for ASAP Rocky's bail'

US President Donald Trump called Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven on Saturday to guarantee the bail of rapper ASAP Rocky, detained in Sweden on suspicion of assault following a street brawl..

The Local - I förrgår: 09:28

Swedish prosecutor seeks longer detention for rapper ASAP Rocky

A Swedish prosecutor on Friday requested the extension of US rapper ASAP Rocky's detention on suspicion of assault during a street brawl in Stockholm, despite pleas from fellow artists demanding his release..

The Local - 19 jul 19 kl. 16:43

French court rejects damages over 1994 Stockholm-Tallinn ferry disaster

A French court on Friday refused a claim for compensation by the survivors and victims' relatives of the 1994 Stockholm-Tallinn ferry disaster. The Estonia is considered to be the deadliest ship incident since the Titanic, killing 852..

The Local - 19 jul 19 kl. 16:33

Taliban allows Swedish charity clinics to re-open in Afghanistan

A Swedish aid clinic was given "permission" by the Taliban to re-open its doors on Friday. The facilities in Kabul had recently been shut down due to a controversial Afghan army raid that happened ten days prior..

The Local - 19 jul 19 kl. 10:53

Sweden has EU's second highest proportion of drugs-related deaths: report

Sweden has the second highest number of drugs-related deaths in relation to its population of any EU country, according to a new report..

The Local - 19 jul 19 kl. 10:42

Swedish police want to introduce facial recognition technology

Swedish police reportedly want to introduce new facial recognition technology to help identify criminal suspects after testing the technique this spring..

The Local - 19 jul 19 kl. 09:00

ASAP Rocky assault allegations: What happens now?

Swedish prosecutors will need to decide on Friday on whether to charge rapper ASAP Rocky, whose detention in Stockholm on suspicion of assault during a street brawl has created a furore among his fans and fellow artists.. i Sociala medier

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