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The Local - 12 jul 19 kl. 07:00

#MySweden: 'Stockholm has reminded me how wonderful living in a diverse place can be'

The Local has one of our readers take over our Instagram page every week. This time Madeline Tersigni shows us her Sweden..
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The Local - 07 dec 18 kl. 11:11

#MySweden: 'Stockholm is open to so many cultures'

The Local's readers take over our Instagram account to introduce each other to towns and neighbourhoods across Sweden. Today, Deepak Kamboj from India talks about life in Stockholm suburb Liljeholmen..

The Local - 08 feb 19 kl. 16:24

#MySweden: 'Stockholm is a constantly developing city'

Every week one of The Local's readers takes over our Instagram account. Today Panagiotis Maragozidis from Greece shows us his Stockholm..

The Local - 19 dec 13 kl. 08:26

Stockholm has Sweden's 'worst' architecture school

The lauded Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) has failed its architecture students, of whom 70 percent say parts of the course are either badly taught or non-existant. The school now admits.

The Local - 20 sep 12 kl. 17:27

'Stockholm has to fix its housing problem'

With the clock ticking on the lease for her current home in Stockholm, US-native and parent Rebecca Ahlfeldt reflects on how Stockholm needs to improve the housing situation for immigrants and students who need a place to live..

The Local - 20 jun 16 kl. 06:59

'Stockholm has welcomed me with open arms'

Is it possible to balance a full-time job at a Swedish start-up with a career in music? That’s exactly what Sheona Urquhart is attempting to do. After spending two years living in London, the Australian singer, actress and communications professional relocated to Stockholm last May, and she hasn’t wasted any time in her quest to establish herself in her new home..

The Local - 24 nov 15 kl. 13:55

How Stockholm solved a startup’s housing crisis

The Stockholm startup scene has become more international than ever, recruiting the best of global talent to join the city's booming tech cluster. But if foreigners can't find housing, startups worry, it's all for naught. Now the City of Stockholm has stepped in..

The Local - 30 jan 12 kl. 16:23

Stockholm 'upper-class safari' under fire

The so called "upper class safari" recently running in Stockholm has come under extreme criticism from residents of the elite suburb, and has even evoked several protest attacks..

Cornucopia - 27 sep 16 kl. 19:28

UBS: Stockholm tredje värsta bostadsbubblan i världen

Den internationella storbanken UBS har släppt en ny analys av bostadsbubblorna i världen, och Stockholm kvalar med index 1.92 in på tredje plats efter Vancouver (2.14) och London (2.

The Local - 28 maj 12 kl. 10:33

Stockholm mayor jumps at Eurovision chance

The mayor of Stockholm has jumped at the possibility of hosting next year's Eurovision in Stockholm, claiming that the financial benefits are profitable for the tourism industry..

SR - 31 jul 13 kl. 09:00

Ny publicering - Stockholm

Our journey around Sweden concludes here in the capital Stockholm. But how can you summarize a city of one million, in a metropolitan area of two million? Built on water, Stockholm has been called the Venice of the North, probably by someone who never saw Venice.

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The Local - 16 timmar sedan

French court rejects damages over 1994 Stockholm-Tallinn ferry disaster

A French court on Friday refused a claim for compensation by the survivors and victims' relatives of the 1994 Stockholm-Tallinn ferry disaster. The Estonia is considered to be the deadliest ship incident since the Titanic, killing 852..

The Local - 16 timmar sedan

Taliban allows Swedish charity clinics to re-open in Afghanistan

A Swedish aid clinic was given "permission" by the Taliban to re-open its doors on Friday. The facilities in Kabul had recently been shut down due to a controversial Afghan army raid that happened ten days prior..

The Local - 22 timmar sedan

Sweden has EU's second highest proportion of drugs-related deaths: report

Sweden has the second highest number of drugs-related deaths in relation to its population of any EU country, according to a new report..

The Local - 22 timmar sedan

Swedish police want to introduce facial recognition technology

Swedish police reportedly want to introduce new facial recognition technology to help identify criminal suspects after testing the technique this spring..

The Local - Igår: 09:00

ASAP Rocky assault allegations: What happens now?

Swedish prosecutors will need to decide on Friday on whether to charge rapper ASAP Rocky, whose detention in Stockholm on suspicion of assault during a street brawl has created a furore among his fans and fellow artists..

The Local - Igår: 06:00

Swedish word of the day: hemester

Here's a word that's sure to spark some debate around the fika table this month..

The Local - Igår: 14:19

Volvo hits record sales, but trade war dents profits

Volvo Cars, the Swedish luxury brand owned by China's Geely, defied a slowing global auto market to set a record for sales in the first half of the year, although US trade war tariffs and falling prices squeezed profits..

The Local - Igår: 13:56

Sweden's Disgusting Food Museum gets a permanent home

A museum dedicated to the world's most disgusting delicacies has found a permanent home after attracting global attention when it launched as a temporary exhibit last year..

The Local - I förrgår: 06:00

Swedish word of the day: friggebod

Today's word will come in handy if you're looking into buying a traditional Swedish summer cottage or 'sommarstuga'..

The Local - I förrgår: 06:00

Seven Swedish destinations that are at their best in summer

Summer is an excellent season to explore Sweden, with the long days allowing you to pack more into each one. If you're looking for ways to fill the long Swedish summer holiday, here are seven destinations worthy of a visit.. i Sociala medier

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