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The Local - 11 jul 19 kl. 06:00

Readers reveal: The problems students in Sweden have applying for residence permits

Sweden has welcomed a growing number of international students to its universities in recent years, but how straightforward is the permit process for those coming from outside the EU? The Local's readers reveal their own experiences and some of their main problems..
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The Local - 26 sep 11 kl. 11:46

Silence won't solve the problems with a multicultural society

The problems of a multicultural Swedish society won't solve themselves if our politicians, in fear of being called a "racist", don't break their silence on the issues, argues equal rights activist Bahareh Andersson..

The Local - 20 nov 17 kl. 16:39

The Local readers reveal their personal number pains in Sweden

The Local is investigating life in Sweden without a 'personnummer' – the ID number that is in many ways the key to accessing services in the country. We asked our readers for their experiences of trying to get by without one, and they responded in droves..

The Local - 06 jun 19 kl. 06:59

The Local's readers reveal what they love most about life in Sweden

Sweden, what's not to love? As the country marks Swedish National Day, we turned to our readers to get a sense of what newcomers most value about their new home..

The Local - 07 sep 17 kl. 13:35

Readers' tips: The songs that will help get you to Swedish fluency fast

What Swedish music has inspired you to learn the language? We asked for the tunes that coaxed readers deeper into the linguistic maze. Here's what we learned..

The Local - 07 jan 14 kl. 11:54

How to share news tips with The Local Sweden

Many of our stories come straight from the horse's mouth. Our readers are The Local's on-the-ground correspondents. Find out how to share stories, and remain anonymous..

The Local - 16 feb 18 kl. 11:52

Ten excellent reasons to become a Member of The Local

After 14 years of being completely free, we are asking loyal readers of The Local to become paying Members. But why are we doing this? In the time-honoured tradition of The Local, co-founder James Savage gives ten reasons..

The Local - 28 mar 18 kl. 15:53

Ten excellent reasons to become a Member of The Local

After 14 years of being completely free, we are asking loyal readers of The Local to become paying Members. But why are we doing this? In the time-honoured tradition of The Local, co-founder James Savage gives ten reasons..

The Local - 26 okt 17 kl. 15:05

Brexit, migration, and jobs: Swedish PM outlines his vision for the EU

In a speech and press conference attended by The Local, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on Thursday outlined his vision for the European Union and shared his thoughts on how best to deal with the problems facing the bloc..

The Local - 07 feb 18 kl. 18:29

Why we're asking you to become a Member of The Local

So after 14 years of being completely free, why are we asking loyal readers of The Local to become paying Members? Founder and Chief Publishing Officer James Savage explains..

The Local - 31 okt 18 kl. 06:59

Readers’ survival guide: How to survive Sweden’s November darkness

You may be sick of hearing it, but it's true: the winter in Sweden is long, cold and dark. As we approach November, one of the most dreaded months of the year, you may be wondering how you're going to get through it. We asked The Local’s readers how they cope with the cold and darkness.

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The Local - 9 timmar sedan

Trump calls Swedish PM to 'vouch for ASAP Rocky's bail'

US President Donald Trump called Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven on Saturday to guarantee the bail of rapper ASAP Rocky, detained in Sweden on suspicion of assault following a street brawl..

The Local - Igår: 09:28

Swedish prosecutor seeks longer detention for rapper ASAP Rocky

A Swedish prosecutor on Friday requested the extension of US rapper ASAP Rocky's detention on suspicion of assault during a street brawl in Stockholm, despite pleas from fellow artists demanding his release..

The Local - I förrgår: 16:43

French court rejects damages over 1994 Stockholm-Tallinn ferry disaster

A French court on Friday refused a claim for compensation by the survivors and victims' relatives of the 1994 Stockholm-Tallinn ferry disaster. The Estonia is considered to be the deadliest ship incident since the Titanic, killing 852..

The Local - I förrgår: 16:33

Taliban allows Swedish charity clinics to re-open in Afghanistan

A Swedish aid clinic was given "permission" by the Taliban to re-open its doors on Friday. The facilities in Kabul had recently been shut down due to a controversial Afghan army raid that happened ten days prior..

The Local - I förrgår: 10:53

Sweden has EU's second highest proportion of drugs-related deaths: report

Sweden has the second highest number of drugs-related deaths in relation to its population of any EU country, according to a new report..

The Local - I förrgår: 10:42

Swedish police want to introduce facial recognition technology

Swedish police reportedly want to introduce new facial recognition technology to help identify criminal suspects after testing the technique this spring..

The Local - I förrgår: 09:00

ASAP Rocky assault allegations: What happens now?

Swedish prosecutors will need to decide on Friday on whether to charge rapper ASAP Rocky, whose detention in Stockholm on suspicion of assault during a street brawl has created a furore among his fans and fellow artists..

The Local - I förrgår: 06:00

Swedish word of the day: hemester

Here's a word that's sure to spark some debate around the fika table this month..

The Local - 18 jul 19 kl. 14:19

Volvo hits record sales, but trade war dents profits

Volvo Cars, the Swedish luxury brand owned by China's Geely, defied a slowing global auto market to set a record for sales in the first half of the year, although US trade war tariffs and falling prices squeezed profits..

The Local - 18 jul 19 kl. 13:56

Sweden's Disgusting Food Museum gets a permanent home

A museum dedicated to the world's most disgusting delicacies has found a permanent home after attracting global attention when it launched as a temporary exhibit last year.. i Sociala medier

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