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Tuesday, 18 June, 12:43

The Local - 11 jun 19 kl. 16:33

WATCH: Malmö revellers' late-night pavement Abba routine goes viral

A video of a group of twenty-somethings dancing to Abba at 2am on the streets of Malmö has gone viral, made the news across Europe, and received the ultimate accolade: the approval of the disco superstars themselves..
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The Local - 01 dec 14 kl. 07:51

No arrests after explosion in Malmö

Police have yet to make any arrests after a justice centre in Malmö was bombed late Sunday night resulting in substantial damage in what was the second attack on the building this year alone..

SR - 11 aug 13 kl. 11:19

Ny publicering - Rival football fans clash in Malmö

A man in his mid-twenties was severely injured when violence broke out between football supporters in central Malmö late Saturday night, local media report..

Nyheter 24 - 12 okt 15 kl. 08:20

Kvinna bröt sig in hos UFC-stjärnan och sket ner hela huset

Den amerikanska UFC-stjärnan Urijah Faber var hemma i sitt hus i Kalifornien när det plötsligt ringde på dörren. När han öppnade stod där en kvinna som lyckades springa förbi Faber och låste in sig i hans badrum. LÄS MER: Målvakt trodde han fick morot kastad på sig – visade sig vara dildoFaber ringer polisen, och samtidigt som de kommer dit börjar han att filma allting på sin Snapchat. - 17 okt 14 kl. 03:38

Henry Diltz - The Jane Goodall of Rock n´Roll photography

This years edition of Uppsala Guitar Festival had the honur to present world famous Rock n’ Roll Photographer Henry Diltz. During the festival visitors could either take a walk in the gallery presenting some of Diltz best pictures or have a seat during one of the slideshows where Diltz himself told the stories behind the pictures. However we at Uppsalanyheter wondered; Who is the man behind the camera?

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The Local - 1 timme sedan

Weather forecast: Sweden set for lagom Midsummer holiday

One of Sweden's most hyped weather forecasts of the year is here: Midsummer's Eve..

The Local - 3 timmar sedan

Helicopters water bomb fire outside Stockholm

A fire that broke out at a former shooting range in northwest Stockholm on Monday has not yet been extinguished despite water-bombing, as experts warn that several parts of the country are at high risk of forest fires..

The Local - 4 timmar sedan

Meet the Swedish over-90's who are regulars at the gym

As Sweden's population ages, interest in social activities for the older age groups has soared. The Body Joy gym in Värmdö, outer Stockholm, is one of many where pensioners regularly meet to train together..

The Local - 22 timmar sedan

What does Sweden's withdrawal of EU-Cuba deal proposal mean?

The Swedish government has withdrawn a proposal that would have ratified a landmark EU-Cuba deal covering trade and political dialogue, a move welcomed by civil rights activists who are critical of the country's one-party system..

The Local - 21 timmar sedan

Man jailed for luring homeless Romanians to Sweden to beg

A 34-year-old man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for luring two homeless men to Sweden from Romania and then forcing them to beg for money for up to 12 hours a day..

The Local - 20 timmar sedan

Booze to your doorstep? Sweden opens up alcohol home delivery to everyone

After a long trial period, Sweden's state-run Systembolaget chain will be able to deliver alcohol home to customers across the entire country..

The Local - Igår: 12:23

Tell us: What are the pros and cons of Sweden's cashless society?

Tech-savvy Sweden is leading the world in terms of cashless payments. But how does this affect the country's international residents? Fill out The Local's questionnaire to help us make your voice heard..

The Local - Igår: 09:46

Five things you should know about Malmö's wave of explosions

Hopes that a new policing strategy had brought Malmö's problems with gang crime under control took a knock this month when three explosions rocked the city in just 24 hours. But how does this year's violence compare to earlier years? Here are five things you should know..

The Local - Igår: 08:49

19 cars burned in suspected arson attack in Stockholm

Unknown criminals set fire to 19 cars in the Östberga area of southern Stockholm over the weekend..

The Local - Igår: 07:52

Stockholm introduces fire ban as temperatures rise

A fire ban has been introduced across Stockholm county as a result of recent warm, dry weather that has created a fire risk..

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