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Thursday, 23 May, 22:59

The Local - 16 maj 19 kl. 07:46

Record number of new Swedish wines expected this year

An unprecedented heatwave last year hit Swedish farmers hard, but for the country's wine-producers it was good news..
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The Local - 06 jun 17 kl. 12:48

Record number of Swedish university students caught cheating

A record number of Swedish university students were suspended in 2016 because of cheating, according to a fresh review..

The Local - 18 maj 17 kl. 09:57

Housing crisis forces record number of young Swedes to live at home: report

A record number of young Swedes continue to live at home with their parents out of necessity despite wanting to live on their own, according to a new report from the Swedish Union of Tenants (Hyresgästföreningen)..

The Local - 26 jun 18 kl. 14:35

Record number of bears to be killed in Swedish Jämtland

A record number of wild bears will be killed in a northern Swedish province this year after the county board decided the population had grown too high..

SR - 16 jun 13 kl. 17:05

Ny publicering - Record number of cyclists for lake Vättern race

A record number of people took part in the Vätternrundan cycle race. Almost 23,000 had applied, but even though only 18,470 completed the race in Motala, this still set a new record. The race is 300 km long, and takes place round one of central Sweden?

The Local - 16 jan 17 kl. 08:41

Record number of roadkills in Sweden: in stats

A record number of wildlife accidents were reported to Swedish authorities last year..

The Local - 14 aug 17 kl. 17:19

Record number of foreigners registered with Sweden's public employment service

Unemployment has remained at a steady level in Sweden in the last year but the disparity between people born abroad and born in the Nordic country remains high, and a record number of foreigners are now registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen)..

The Local - 07 mar 18 kl. 11:34

Innovation boom! Record year for Swedish patents

It was a good year for innovation. Swedish businesses saw a record number of their European patents approved in 2017..

The Local - 02 jun 15 kl. 17:21

Sweden hosts record number of gay festivals

Sweden is holding a record number of Pride events for the LGBTQ community this year as tiny towns prepare to party for the first time alongside the country's biggest cities..

The Local - 24 mar 18 kl. 13:38

Sweden arrests record number of drugs smugglers

Large seizures of narcotics have been made from a record number of smugglers, with 58 individuals currently facing police charges, according to a report..

The Local - 12 nov 18 kl. 11:49

'Astonishing findings' in new Swedish report on extremism and organized crime

A new Swedish report on extremism and organized crime paints a completely new picture of what the 'typical' offender behind those types of crimes looks like. 'We've been totally astonished by the findings,' the head author of the study told The Local..

BLT - 10 apr 17 kl. 09:33

Sölvesborgsförfattare i ”New swedish books”

Sölvesborgsförfattaren Per Nilssons fortsätter skriva böcker för sina barnbarn. Nya boken ”Tre” har nu blivit utvald i Kulturrådets lista ”New swedish books”..

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The Local - 7 timmar sedan

Swedish court rejects appeal for father of Stockholm terror attack victim

The Supreme Court, Sweden's highest court of law, will not grant a second appeal by the father of an 11-year-old girl killed in the 2017 Stockholm terror attack..

The Local - 7 timmar sedan

Secret romance! Fire inferno! The story of Stockholm's Gröna Lund ticks all the boxes

In the 1930s, a devastating fire and a secretly kindled romance threatened to permanently engulf Gröna Lund Tivoli in Stockholm..

The Local - 7 timmar sedan

Five reasons why the European elections really do matter

The 2019 elections are a mammoth democratic exercise with profound consequences for European citizens and the global role of the EU. This article from The Conversation spells out five things to look out for that could shape the future of Europe, and the world..

The Local - 9 timmar sedan

Deported sales engineer wins work permit case against Sweden's Migration Agency

Iranian sales engineer Ali Omumi, who was forced to leave Sweden over a former employer's error and then blocked from returning, has won his appeal in court..

The Local - 11 timmar sedan

Swedish parents jailed for almost starving vegan child to death

A court in Sweden has sentenced a couple to three months in jail for gross negligence causing bodily harm, after their 18-month-old child was reportedly so undernourished she was close to death..

The Local - 14 timmar sedan

What's on: 10 Swedish festivals you shouldn't miss this summer

Wondering what to do in Sweden this summer? Here's our selection of ten great festivals across the country..

The Local - Igår: 17:12

Ikea drops plans for giant Malmö logistics hub

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea has dropped plans to build an e-commerce distribution centre in Malmö, in a blow for the city's plans for a logistics park in its former northern harbour..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

What's all that fluff you've been seeing everywhere in Sweden?

No, it is not snow in May. But what is that white cotton-like fluff that has blanketed Stockholm and other parts of Sweden this week? Here's your answer..

The Local - Igår: 17:21

Deported work permit holders may have to wait years before returning to Sweden

If a foreign worker's permanent residence in Sweden is rejected, they could face several years of waiting before they are allowed to return to Sweden on a new work permit, according to new guidelines by the Migration Agency..

The Local - Igår: 15:40

Electric planes ready for take-off? SAS starts researching hybrid aircraft

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is teaming up with aircraft maker Airbus to research ecosystem and infrastructure needs for hybrid and electric aircraft.. i Sociala medier

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