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The Local - 15 maj 19 kl. 14:45

Five held after armed robbery at Malmö apartment

Police in the Swedish city of Malmö have arrested five men on suspiction of carrying out an armed robbery at an apartment in the district of Rosengård..
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The Local - 11 jan 16 kl. 11:56

Five held after trying to cross Öresund bridge

Swedish police say that five people seized while apparently attempting to cross the Öresund bridge may have been trying to avoid Sweden's new ID checks..

The Local - 12 jan 18 kl. 07:01

Assange becomes Ecuadorian citizen five years after fleeing Sweden probe

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has become a citizen of Ecuador more than five years after moving into its London embassy to escape arrest over a Swedish rape investigation that he claims is linked to his whistle-blowing activities..

The Local - 07 dec 11 kl. 11:10

Six men held after suspected gang rape

Five men have so far been remanded into custody and one arrested by police under suspicion of gang raping a 29-year-old mother of two in Eksjö, in the south of Sweden..

The Local - 26 mar 12 kl. 07:26

Woman held after two women found dead

One woman is being held by police in northern Sweden after two women were found dead early Saturday morning in a flat in Piteå..

The Local - 06 sep 12 kl. 09:24

Woman held after human bones found in her flat

A Gothenburg woman is being held on murder suspicions after police found parts of a human skeleton in her apartment on Wednesday while responding to a call that she had been firing a weapon from her window..

The Local - 08 jan 13 kl. 09:35

Four held after 'record' amphetamine haul

Four men have been held on remand after police found a record 160 kilogrammes of amphetamine in an apartment in southern Sweden..

The Local - 27 apr 14 kl. 10:30

Three held after Stockholm pub shooting

Three people have been held on suspicion of attempted murder after a shooting in a restaurant in Skogås in southern Stockholm on Saturday evening which left three men injured, two seriously..

The Local - 05 nov 18 kl. 08:29

11 held after suspected biker gang shootout wounds 8 in western Sweden

Eleven men were being held on Monday morning after at least eight people were injured in a shooting in Mölnlycke..

The Local - 09 jun 13 kl. 08:00

Ten fans held after football match brawl

Ten football supporters were held following a massive brawl in Eskilstuna in eastern Sweden on Saturday evening, the latest in a string of incidents of hooliganism which have blighted Swedish football.    .

The Local - 01 dec 13 kl. 14:03

Teen held after boy's death at asylum house

A 13-year-old boy is being held on suspicion of assault and manslaughter following the death of another teenager following a fight at asylum housing for lone refugees in northern Sweden..

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Why Benny Andersson from Abba is joining the fight against a new prison

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